Thursday, 1 January 2015

First entry of 2015, New Year's Resolutions

Recently I met with Toan when he was in Hanoi and he showed me a few intriguing photos. Clearly there is so much more to still look for. As a matter of fact, Nannophya pygmaea has already been on my wish list for a long time. It is therefore really heartening to know it is around in northern Vietnam. Toan had seen it in Ha Tinh Province. He also had photos of a fantastic blue Prodasineura. It looks like it could be P. doisuthepensis. It has been suggested that that species is a junior synonym of P. auricolor, just a blue version. However, it consistently seems to have more blue on S9-10 and a blue pattern on the prothorax and top of the head. These are absent in P. auricolor, not just replaced with yellow. I have seen many P. auricolor in the north, but never any that were blue, whereas that is highly distinctive. I do hope to see this blue gem in 2015 and maybe solve the mystery. And yet another species I would love to see, and for which I in fact already searched a few times (in the wrong places apparently) at Mau Son is beautiful Rhinocypha chaoi. There must be so much out there that I still missed, just check Sebastien's blog, or the literature, that 2015 will beyond a doubt prove very interesting. For now, my year list as of today includes Ischnura senegalensis.

Nannophya pygmaea, the world's smallest dragonfly (photo by Phan Quoc Toan)

And who would not want to see this beauty. Possible Prodasineura doisuthepensis, courtesy of Phan Quoc Toan

And painfully beautiful, certainly if you failed to find it, like me. Rhinocypha chaoi male, photo by Phan Quoc Toan.