Sunday, 2 March 2014

It has begun!

Today, Sunday March 2, I went to Tam Dao NP. It was misty and cloudy and difficult birding, but around 1 PM the mist lifted somewhat and I decided to go to Tay Thien to try the stream and surroundings there. Just when I arrived the sun broke through the clouds, not very strong, but nevertheless, there she was. And out came the first northern Vietnamese odonata of the spring! (Not exactly, as on March 1 we already spotted a few Pantala in Ba Vi). About 8 Orthetrum sabina, fresh but not teneral, Crocothemis servilia, an immature male, Pantala flavescens (about 10 flying above the fields) and Neurobasis chinensis, about 10 males and a female, some males fresh with creamy eyes). As most were immature specimens, these have recently emerged, which means that really anything is possible from now on! I am ready.

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