Monday, 1 September 2014

Anotogaster klossi - another Goldenring

On August 30 I drove to just north of Ba Be, stayed the night at a local hotel in Cho Ra and drove on the next morning to Pia Oac. As usual the skies were clear until I got near the top, which invariably is covered in cloud. But I was in luck, as the shifting winds caused it to clear up now and then for longer spells of sun in the afternoon. Visiting the little swamp and the stream that feeds it close to the pass, I noticed a large dragonfly cruising along the opening. Goldenring! This was exactly the same spot where two months ago I observed several Anotogaster sakaii and the size fitted. But as it passed I could catch it and noticed the clear yellow markings on the bases of the mandibles. In A. sakaii these are unmarked orange-brown. A different species of Anotogaster! Using the paper by Karube (2012) the appendages and the shape of the lamina matched very well with Anotogaster klossi, the only species in the paper with clear yellow bases to the mandibles. It is large for that species, but just at the top of the range given by Karube. The length of the abdomen was 76 mm and total length 10 cm. Anotogaster klossi has been recorded in southern, central and northern Vietnam. In fact, Asahina recorded it from Pia Oac. No cool range extension thus, but nevertheless, a very exciting find. Those records are from May and I was surprised to find this species this late in the season. I saw 2 more Anotogaster, but not close enough to verify these too were A. klossi.

Scan of Anotogaster klossi, male. 

The male A. klossi in hand. Note the clear yellow bases to the mandibles. The head is hanging almost detached, that explains the awkward position.

Note the yellow mandible patches and the deeply excavated frons.

Very long superior appendages and thin epiproct.

Dorsal view of appendages, showing superiors twice as long as epiproct in dorsal view
Ventral view with slight excavation of epiproct

Typical shape of lamina in lateral view

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