Monday, 23 March 2015

Flashback - trip to Cat Tien NP 6-9 February 2015

In early February we spent a few days in Cat Tien National Park. It was very dry. Not a drop of water in the forest - virtually. But the fishponds were still productive and the odd stream or trickle also provided some species, but everywhere in low numbers. Clearly middle of the dry season is not the best time for Odonata here. Consequently we did not find anything new for the park list. But some species were very present and one was Gynacantha basiguttata, of which we saw several along the road through the forest, now adults.

Another species that I had seen only once, and that previously eluded photographic capture, was Rhyothemis triangularis. I was able to take pictures of a freshly emerged specimen.

And lastly, one evening, as I was heading back to the lodge, I ran into a roost of Potamarcha congener. An exceptional spectacle!

Gynacantha basiguttata female, now fully mature. Note the dark smudges at the base of the wing along the subcosta.
The face of the same female
A little extra: male Agriocnemis nana. I saw only a few, but what a delight.
Roost of Potamarcha congener. How many in the photo? I count at least 50.
Fresh male Rhyothemis triangularis, the only one seen.

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