Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Periaeschna sp. (species novum?)

The Yen Bai area is a true treasure trove for Aeshnids in early summer. Several species of Planaeschna, of Periaeschna, of Petaliaeschna, of Cephalaeschna. Karuki Karube had alerted me to the occurrence of a large Periaeschna of which he had only seen teneral specimens. Well, June 30 was a very hot day and around midday quite a few Aeshnids were hanging in cool shaded places along one of my favorite streams. One specimen was flying around a bit between a few large boulders and I was ale to catch it. It appeared to be a Periaeschna, but it just seemed very bulky. Later at home the difference between this specimen and normal P. magdalena was striking. Even if I have not been able to catch a male yet, this must be the enigma large Periaeschna sp.  and a possible species novum. At 76mm this is a large insect!

This insect is almost identical to P. magdalena, but for its much larger size

And, as is visible here in lateral view, the yellow markings on the abdomen are much more prominent

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  1. I have a male from Cao Bang city, Tom. Yes, very similar to P. magdalena but very large size!