Sunday, 16 April 2017

Macrogomphus kerri - wonderful addition to the Vietnamese list*

*adjusted: it also occurs in Cambodia (thank you Oleg).

According to the IUCN website, Macrogomphus kerri may be an endemic to Thailand, where it is widespread, but uncommon. Well, sorry for the Thai, but it is not an endemic after all. 18 June 2016 I visited Gia Lai Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. A wonderful small, muddy stream in logged primary forest was a real treasure trove, with 6 species of Macromia flying at the same location, and many other goodies. This large and strikingly beautiful Macrogomphus species, easily recognizable by its bold patterning, was one of those. Not at all rare, I saw quite a few, including ovipositing females. Males tended to sit on or under bushes over the stream. Here are a few photos.

Beautiful male Macrogomphus kerri, perched
Another male, hovering over the stream in a dark place, hence the flash
Male in hand
And the rather similar female


  1. Not endemic surely: I found it in East Cambodia in 2013 (and published this early in 2014, than found again later that year). Last year also found M. matsukii.

  2. I think matsukii also occurs in Vietnam, and James has probably borikhanensis from Cat Tien

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