Sunday, 17 August 2014

Anisogomphus tamdaoensis - range expansion

Anisogomphus tamdaoensis was described by Karube (as Merogomphus tamdaoensis) from Tam Dao in 2001. We have found it since in Hoa Binh province and in Cao Bang Province. Today (August 16) I caught two females on Mt Mau Son in Lang Son Province. Clearly this species occurs over a wide range in Vietnam. Although these are females, I find no differences with several other females of A. tamdaoensis in my possession.

Both females, the older one on top, scanned under a kitchen plate, explaining the patterns around them.

The younger of the two, identical to the specimens of A. tamdaoensis, although some have yellowish wing bases.

A more aged female, the other found today

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