Monday, 25 August 2014

Rhyothemis phyllis

During my week at Cat Tien in early August I saw 4 species of Rhyothemis. That is a treat for someone living in Northern Vietnam, where only R. variegata is regular. I did see R. plutonia in Huu Lien, but that is it. In Southern Vietnam both these species occur, but they are joined by R. phyllis, reasonably similar to R. variegata, and by R. triangularis. To my shame I saw the latter only once, at the fish ponds, fluttering between a couple of trees at the edge of a pond. When I had my camera out, it had disappeared, so not even a record shot. R. plutonia was common here too, as was R. phyllis, a species that could be seen anywhere, although not abundant. It is a nice larger species.

Male Rhyothemis phyllis, with clear basal markings to the inner wings, but remainder, apart from the apex, hyaline

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