Monday, 4 May 2015

Bayadera continentalis - new for Vietnam

Asahina described Bayadera brevicauda continentalis in 1973. On clear consistent differences, both morphological and in colour pattern, Hamalainen in 2004 elevated it to specific status as Bayadera continentalis. It is a species known to occur widely in southern China and thus, as so often, it comes as no surprise that on May 1 I labored my way along a trickle of a stream under dense forest cover on Pia Oac Mountain, quite close to the top at the northern side, that I ran into at least 5 males of this pretty species. It is quite distinctive by virtue of the shape of its appendages, its dark coloration with pruinosity on S8-10 and S1-3, and its smoky brown wings. Other characteristics include the all black labium and the distinct hairy thorax. To my knowledge this is the first record of the species in Vietnam, but it may have been recorded before. If so, I stand corrected.

Bayadera continentalis, here under flash the brown of the wings is difficult to ascertain
Here too the colour of the wings is difficult to see
But on this scan it is obvious
Parallel inferior appendages and apically strongly bent uppers in dorsal view
And in lateral view
And just because it is a nice face, the frontal view of the head

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