Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hylaeothemis clementia - again

On April 30 on my way to Pia Oac Mountain close to the weak bridge along the TL212 about 10 km south of the mountain I checked a small stream by the roadside. It has a small several square meter muddy wet area adjacent to it, due to some seeping water, with low plants. I was amazed to see three males of the very same species I had seen in Yen Bai only a few days earlier for the first time: Hylaeothemis clementia. This was clearly its habitat of preference, with the three males all holding territories in close proximity (about 1.5m apart). Here are a few shots to show what they look like when mature.
The eyes now blue and the dorsal stripe on the thorax now white. 
Another view, square on laterally, but not entirely in focus, sorry

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