Saturday, 6 June 2015

Fukienogomphus complete

On April 19 I caught a male Fukienogomphus prometheus in Huu Lien. In the post on that species I also mentioned F. promineus, a quite a bit larger and more robust species in the genus that so far I had not seen. But it had been described for Vietnam already by Do Manh Cuong and it also features in the blog of Sebastien. It was recorded from Tam Dao and from Mau Son. The Vietnamese specimens found so far are darker than the specimens from China. In fact the second lateral stripe in these records from Vietnam is reduced to just two small spots.

On May 18 I caught a large gomphid close to Tu Le in Yen Bai Province. It was immediately obvious this was Fukienogomphus promineus, even if in stead of two it had three small spots for second lateral line.
Male Fukienogomphus promineus, a large gomphid
Its appendages in dorsal view
And in lateral view
A very common face
 When writing about F. prometheus I mentioned Haruki Karube had recorded it from Cuc Phuong. I visited that place on May 22. And ran into a handful of F. prometheus, including females. They frequented small forest streams.

Fukienogomphus prometheus, male, perched after release.
A different male F. prometheus. Significantly smaller than F. promineus and with complete second lateral stripe.
The female is very close to the male in appearance
And had distinctive cerci and epiproct

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