Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Procordulia asahinai - Cordulids rule!

May 17 I was checking a small pond in the Sa Pa area when I noticed a medium-sized dragonfly hovering over the water. Before I could find out what it was, it had disappeared, leaving me puzzled. But the next day when I returned around noon it was there again and it turned out it was a smallish Cordulid, something I did not expect at all. I thought it might be a Hemicordulia species, but checking the literature I came across a species that looked quite similar and had been described from Tam Dao by Haruki Karube in 1997: Procordulia asahinai. At the time he also first thought he had collected a Hemicordulia species, but small auricles and a cross-vein in the anal triangle showed it was a Procordulia. I immediately checked my specimen for these characteristics and…BINGO! After that it was easy. This was Procordulia asahinai, a species occurring in the higher mountains of northern Vietnam. I love Cordulids, so a happy day!

Male Procordulia asahinai, a pretty species
The face in frontal view
Hamule in lateral view
Appendages in dorsal view
And the same in dorsolateral view

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