Sunday, 4 October 2015

Anax immaculifrons - the fourth Anax

Driving from Da Nang to P'rao, just in Quang Nam Province, I finally caught up with what is in Europe sort of a legendary species, or at least greatly appreciated. And likewise, in fact, in Vietnam. Ana immaculifrons, a beautiful Anax species. Interestingly, I have not seen it in northern Vietnam, nor am I aware of any records here, but it apparently occurs both on Hainan and in Guangdong in China. In Vietnam is is known from the area around Da Nang, so in that respect it was not strange that I saw several on September 25. All where observed along clear mountain streams, where there where shallow pools. I did not see any females.

This was the first specimen I saw. It would perch for prolonged periods before going back to patrol flights.

The same male, but posed after I had captured it to take shots of the appendages

And this is what they look like in dorsal view

Another male, this one not posed, but posing of its own free will

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