Sunday, 18 October 2015

Gynacantha basiguttata in Huu Lien

Today I visited Huu Lien to try once again for the Planaeschna cf. guentherpetersi, but I failed to see it (although I saw two possibles hunting at tree top level in the late afternoon). But when I made my way back through the forest at dusk I saw quite a few Gynacantha. Most were immature G. subinterrupta, but one larger species whizzed by and was netted with a little luck. To my large surprise it had extensive dark basal patches to the wings: Gynacantha basiguttata. I had seen this species in the south, in Cat Tien National Park, but did not expect it at all this far north. After all, Huu Lien is almost in China. This is a large species. The female I caught was 76mm without the (broken) appendages.

Female Gynacantha basiguttata, a large species, easily recognizable by the dark wingbases.

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