Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A new species of Asiagomphus

April 17 I was checking streams near Tuyen Lam Lake at Da Lat. It started as a sunny day and around 9.30 I spotted the first gomphid, perching in the middle of the stream on a stone. It was immediately obvious from the extensive yellow on the terminal segments that this was something I had not seen before. It took some effort, but eventually I was lucky enough to be able to net it. In hand my suspicions that it was an Asiagomphus species were confirmed. A very interesting species, with extremely extensive yellow markings and widely expanded S7-9. Patterning was otherwise in line with Asiagomphus and the appendages were also typical of the genus. But it is not any of the other 4 species (at least) I have seen in Vietnam and it is not any of the known species from South-East Asia either. A wonderful species and new to science! It was rather common at the stream, with at least 10 different males observed and a few females seen ovipositing.

Asiagomphus species novum. Note the extensive yellow markings on S7-9. A beautiful and striking species.
A male in dorsal view, showing the massive club
And in lateral view
The appendages and terminal segments in dorsal view

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