Sunday, 8 May 2016

Macromidia kelloggi - a relatively solid Macromidia

In 2015 Karube published a record of Macromidia kelloggi from Bach Ma National Park close to Da Nang. This was far from known localities in China, but Karube postulated that the species in fact occurred widely in northern Vietnam. Because it has yellow antehumeral spots it is quite easy to separate from the common Macromidia rapida, but although I checked many, I never saw this species mixed in.

But today I was staking out Chlorogomphids (in vain) at Tam Dao when around quarter to four in the afternoon, so bright day, although it was cloudy with only intermittent sunshine, when a sturdy Macromidia tried to zip past me. But alas, it ended up in my net. Not only was it immediately obvious that this was not M. rapida because of its sturdiness and different appendages, it also had yellow antehumeral spots! Macromidia kelloggi, I presume? Indeed, indeed! A largish species, total length 60mm and hind wing 39mm.

Macromidia kelloggi. Note the yellow antehumeral spot (although small for the species)

Black base to ivory superiors and brown edged and tipped epiproct

Rather unlike the appendages of M. rapida (see under that species)

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