Saturday, 18 February 2017

Calicnemia akahara - New to science!

Yesterday was a happy day with the publication of an article on Zootaxa by Phan, Karube and myself on the Calicnemia of Vietnam. It introduced a new species that is in outward appearance very similar to C. miles, but it misses the black abdomen tip of that species. It also has a very different genital ligula, placing it in group 1 (thin flagella), not in group 2 (as C. miles). So, if you are unsure, get out your magnifying glass! Luckily the abdomen tip is a great help and C. miles is restricted to northern Vietnam, with C. akahara, for that is what the new species is called, occurs in central Vietnam. Here are some photos from various encounters with the species last year, between late April and early August.

Calicnemia akahara, male, from Quang Binh Province. Note the completely red abdomen. 
Calicnemia akahara in copula, the female similar to C. miles, but withers dark dorsum to S8-10, but otherwise mostly orangy brown abdomen. This pair from Quang Tri Province.

An aged male in early August from Bach Ma National Park

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