Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Just around the corner - Lao PDR

On February 21 I had to go to Luang Prabang in Lao PDR for a meeting. In between reading papers for the meeting I popped into the woods close to the hotel. It was smack in the dry season, but I managed to find two species that I had not seen before, not in Vietnam and not anywhere else. The first was pretty Coeliccia dydima. This species might be confused with the similar C. cyanomelas. C. dydima is a common species in Thailand and Lao PDR, but has not been found yet in Vietnam. And maybe that is because it does not occur there. But I will keep on looking. It was nice to get some experience with it in neighboring Lao. I saw at least 10.
The other species was Aciagrion pallidum. This species  has been reported also from Vietnam, although I have not been able to find it yet, so likely it is localized and/or rare in there. It appears to be a dry season species, when it hides in dry forest and waits for the rains. The rufous abdomen is a good character. I saw only the one male.
Lastly, I also saw few Coeliccia poungyi poungyi, always a nice species to bump into. Here are a few record shots.

Here is the male of Coeliccia dydima. Note the limited extent of the blue on the abdomen tip and the large anterior dorsal markings on the thorax (in comparison to C. cyanomelas)

Here is the female. The pattern on S9 is a good feature.

And an immature male (note the color of the eyes). It is very yellow, not blue, and the dorsal markings on the form a pair of somewhat C. mingxiensis like spots, not yet separated into two sets of two (meaning 4 separated spots in total). 

How about this? Beautiful, but inconspicuous, male Aciagrion pallidum.

Finally, Coeliccia poungyi poungyi, a female. Note the solid yellow abdomen tip.

And the exquisite male!

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  1. I also found Coeliccia dydima in Kon Tum Province recently :)