Sunday, 5 February 2017

Okay, one more: Onychargia priydak

Now that I am at it, let's add this one species also to the blog: Onychargia priydak. This is another species that had just been described by Oleg Kosterin in 2015 from Cambodia. It is similar to Onychargia atrocyana, and the females are indistinguishable, but its caudal appendages are somewhat different. A big difference however is that the males develop beautiful whitish pruinosity. That at least makes them easy to recognize! I was able to get a quick photo before the male disappeared. During subsequent searches I found many immatures and females, but none as nice as this specimen.

Again, this species was found close to Bao Loc. A new species for Vietnam, but not unexpected, given the proximity to the Cambodian border.

Beautiful male Onychargia priydak, with pruinose prothorax, synthorax, femora and S1-2.

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