Thursday, 9 October 2014

Leftovers from Pia Oac

A bit of a misnomer, leftovers, for these wonderful species that I also took pictures of on October 4.

This is Ischnura carpentieri in copula, the male easy to recognize (as member of rufostigma group at least), the female notoriously difficult. A common species in the mountains.

Sympetrum hypomelas does not only occur in Sapa, but also in the lower mountains of northern Vietnam, like here at Pia Oac at approximately 1000m.

This is a male Macromia moorei, still surprisingly common this time of the year at Pia Oac. Note the almost complete band on S2

The same male in dorsal view and under flash

And in hand, showing the obvious lobe that distinguishes it from M. pinrantani vietnamica

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