Monday, 27 October 2014

Pia Oac in October - continued

I had a fascinating day at Xuan Son this weekend, with a plethora of Planaeschnids. That is a mixed blessing, as writing up is going to be a headache. So first a few goodies from Pia Oac on October 18. Amongst the few damsels that I saw while looking for Aeshnids I took photos of a few.

First to show is this wonderful male Ceriagrion fallax, a common species at this altitude, but always beautiful and more so with the bit of moisture clinging to it.

Then I was lucky enough to bump into a copula of Noguchiphaea yoshikoae. No idea what the function of the horns is on their prothorax. In close-up they run parallel to the male paraprocts holding her, but apparently without interaction.

And finally this well mature female of Ischnura carpentieri.

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