Monday, 6 October 2014

Pia Oac, another location for Planaeschna gressitti

Saturday October 4, checking the trails near the pass at the TL212 in Pia Oac we noticed several Aeshnids scurrying over the trail inside the forest. When one took the same route several times, I swept it out of the air and into the net. A beautiful male Aeshnid! Checking wing venation and facial pattern, it seemed very close to Planaeschna gressitti, which this spring and summer we saw at Mau Son in Lang Son Province, after its initial discovery by Sebastien. Now also at Pia Oac, again at about 1000m asl in forested mountains. Possibly this is a much more common species in the northern mountainous area bordering China.
Beautiful male Planaeschna gressitti with its splendid yellow and black patterning

And equally splendid yellow and black facial markings

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