Friday, 31 October 2014

A few more goodies from Xuan Son

October 26, in Xuan Son, I had, besides the Calopterygids and Planaeschnids, several other interesting dragonflies. Rhinagrion hainanense is always a great find. Regular at Xuan Son from early spring until autumn, but a wonderful insect. I was also surprised to see a female Merogomphus pavici ovipositing. I had no idea this species flies this late in the year. And two males Lamelligomphus formosanus were another surprise. Of course some Lamelligomphus fly relatively late in the year, but I had not seen L. formosans this late. Boyeria karubei was common, but it is a fine species and a specialty of the park. I also took a few photos of Coeliccia. No less than 6 species were present: C. scutellum, C. pyriformis, C. cyanomelas, C. uenoi, C. sasamotoi and C. poungyi.

Old male Lamelligomphus formosanus, its venter covered in mites.

Pretty Rhinagrion hainanense, male

Female Boyeria karubei

Female Merogomphus pavici, resting after release

Merogomphus pavici, female face

Closer in-hand view. Note the massive hind legs and the spines on it.

Coeliccia poungyi, one of about 12 males

Male Coeliccia sasamotoi

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