Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Ceriagrion species of early April in Pia Oac

4 and 5 April I visited Pia Oac and surroundings. Ceriagrion fallax is a common species here and was already abundant around ponds. But I was thrilled to also find Ceriagrion bellona, a species I had previously seen only at Xuan Son. And not only did I see it at the "Trigomphus carus" pond on the slopes of Pia Oac, I also saw it at the weak bridge 10km to the south. Clearly it is not rare in the area. I saw C. auranticum there too, only one male, but more thrilling, because it is less common, even scarce, and extremely beautiful, I saw a great many C. azureum. One could almost say it was abundant on the flooding rice fields. Here are some impressions of all but C. auranticum.

To start with a copula of C. azureum
A male, this specimen with some spots on the thorax, likely some kind of damage.
And the greenish female of C. azureum
Copula of Ceriagrion bellona. Note the yellowish-green eyes and dark dorsum of S9-10 in the male.
Another male C. bellona
And finally, common but pretty Ceriagrion fallax

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