Monday, 20 April 2015

Coeliccia mingxiensis - the 7th Coeliccia for Xuan Son

Coeliccia mingxiensis was found in 2009 by Do Manh Cuong in Tam Dao near the Belvedere Resort. That was the first record for Vietnam after its description in 2006 from Fujian, China. Last year I also found it in Tay Thien, in the same mountain range, which I considered good fortune, as the stream near Belvedere Resort is under a lot of pressure. But even after many visits I had never seen it at Xuan Son. That is, until last Saturday, when unexpectedly I ran into a single male of this spring species. The same stretch of forest holds also C. scutellum, C. cyanomelas, C. uenoi (well, actually, that is a little further away), C. poungyi, C. sasamotoi and C. pyriformis. Quite amazing! Apparently this beautiful species is more widespread.

Male Coeliccia mingxiensis, unmistakable.

Close-up of the hooked dorsal stripes and orange lateral stripe.

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