Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Two interesting females with their males

On April 5 I flushed a fresh damsel from a stream in Cao Bang Province at the foot of Pia Oac Mountain that upon study through my binoculars appeared to be a female of Sinosticta debra, a species I found first for Vietnam last year in Xuan Son National Park. But it flew off before I could take a picture. Luckily on April 18 I saw another female briefly in Xuan Son and this time managed to take a quick ID shot. The same day I also managed some photos of the male. Probably, as this is an early species, the next time I visit they will already have receded in the mists of time.

On April 19, this time in Huu Lien, I saw several Gomphidia abbotti, a not so common, but widespread, species in at least the north of Vietnam. But I also caught a female, something I had not seen previously.

Gomphidia abbotti, male
And Gomphidia abbotti, female

The vulvar lamina of the female

And the final segments in lateral view

Something completely different, elegant Sinosticta debra, male

Undoubtedly as elegant, the female, at least a photo

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