Saturday, 19 July 2014

A few other Coenagrionids

In the same general area I encountered Paracercion v-nigrum several other interesting damselflies could be seen. Amongst these Aciagrion migratum, a species I had seen once at Tay Thien in Tam Dao and once in Huu Lien. In the same fields along the TL212 in southern Cao Bang Province this species could be seen in small numbers.

Aciagrion migratum, male, a beautiful slender damsel with forked superior appendage

The female of Aciagrion migratum
 Another species found in the same field was Paracercion melanotum. In fact, the blue line in the black humeral stripe is almost too prominent for this species, suggesting P. sexlienatum. However, shape of postocular spots, color of the eyes and apparent shape of the appendages point towards P. melanotum. After its presence was verified for Huu Lien and it likely also occurs in Van Long Nature Reserve, this is a third location, showing this species occurs over a wide area.

Male Paracercion melanotum
Finally, a species that always truly amazes, because the color of the male is so unbelievable plastic blue. Ceriagrion azureum, a large Ceriagrion, occurs sometimes in rice fields. The place where we had seen them last year in Ba Be National Park had been destroyed, so I was very happy to see this beautiful species in several places, both in northern Bac Kan Province, as at the same site where P. v-nigrum, P. melanotum and A. migratum were present in Cao Bang Province. Here around 10 individuals could be seen.

Copula of Ceriagrion azureum
The same copula
A different male. This is truly a stunning creature.

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