Friday, 18 July 2014

Prodasineura verticalis - another addition to the Vietnamese list

Prodasineura verticalis is a beautiful Prodasineura species, like most Prodasineura species are actually rather beautiful. It apparently is very common in some parts of its range, described to include China (Guangxi), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Vietnam is missing from this list. But I am glad to mention here that this species also occurs in Vietnam, although it is clearly not very common. We ran into at least 5 males hanging from twigs overhanging a stream in northern Bac Kan Province on June 25. However, it was not seen on any other streams in the general area. There are several subspecies of P. verticalis, some of which may warrant specific status. For now however, I am not able to ascertain its subspecific identity.

Prodasineura verticalis, male, a great addition to the Vietnamese list

Close-up of thorax and head

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