Saturday, 19 July 2014

Anaciaeschna martini - a Pia Oac specialty (in Vietnam)?

Anaciaeschna martini is a beautiful aeshnid occurring over a wide range, including China (Taiwan, Guizhou and Guangdong), Korea, Japan, Thailand. In Vietnam it had been reported from Pia Oac, although I did not know that when I ran into quite a few in June 25 close to the pass in Pia Oac Nature Reserve. It was common, with many ovipositing females, at a tiny reservoir formed by damming a small stream right by the side of the road. Just a few days later after tremendous rain the dam had collapsed and the reservoir drained, but some pools remained, so the species may survive. To my disappointment I saw only females. The male is an insect of great beauty. Not that I was not happy with the females, of course.

Female Anaciaeschna martini, with characteristic darkened wing bases and brown-red body and abdomen marked with green
Another female, looking for a place to oviposit

Dorsum of thorax and frons of female Anaciaeschna martini

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