Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A post from Sapa

After the highly productive days around Ba Be last week I went to Cao Bang again, but was put off by the weather. Great downpours and cloud made it difficult to locate things and streams looked like brown torrents. In fact they were brown torrents. Also, the various reserves were difficult to access. Along the roads human encroachment was massive and streams were not very good and further away they were hard to reach. It was also hard driving, after the downpours had dislodged people and rock slides over the road in places that made it virtually impassable. I did pass, but at the cost of some heavy scratches to the car. Did see e few interesting species, more Orientogomphus naninus and Burmagomphus vermicularis at dusk active and also yet again several ovipositing females Macromia unca. It is strange this species was overlooked before Sebastien found it this spring, as I encounter them all over the place, but of course, only at dusk and only once a male. Other interesting species include Dysphaea haomiao in two places and Bayadera serrata (one male).
Now in Sa Pa the weather looks okay and I am hopeful for Somatochlora dido.

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