Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Megalestes micans and Megalestes distans

Until now I have seen only two species of Megalestes in northern Vietnam. In April Megalestes micans at Sa Pa and M. distans at Ba Vi National Park. The trip around northern Vietnam brought some new records. Megalestes distans proved common along some streams in Pia Oac Nature Reserve, occurring sometimes in quite high densities, with 20 or so on a 150 m stretch of stream. Megalestes micans was still common and easily found in the Sa Pa region in early July. The one off was a male Megalestes distans at Sa Pa, occurring right by Megalestes micans. Apart from the differences in the appendages, they can also be told apart by the pattern of the prothorax. M. micans has a yellow central line from the anterior lobe right to the posterior lobe. This can easily be seen with binoculars. It is necessary to check the appendages of M. distans carefully because of the possibility of M. haui, but I have not had the pleasure of being able to verify that species yet.

Male Megalestes distans, with dark prothorax (and of course different appendages)

Male Megalestes micans, showing the yellow line over the prothorax

Another, showing the same characteristic

And a third, for whoever was not convinced yet

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