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An updated list for my three visits to Phu Quoc in 2015 and 2016

During my stay in Vietnam I was able to visit Phu Quoc island, located off the coast of Cambodia to the west of the Vietnamese Mekong delta, several times. It has a very interesting Odonate fauna compared to the rest of Vietnam, with several rare species, not seen elsewhere in Vietnam. I visited the island from 28 December 2015 to 2 January 2016, again from April 12 and April 15, 2016 and finally from August 19 to 21, 2016. Some species are very local and also occur only in the dry or in the rainy season, so not everything can be seen in any one trip. I already published a list after my first trip. This list is updated here to include all records, to which I added the months in which species were recorded by me in Roman capitals. But first a few photos of good species not published here previously.

Neurothemis intermedia male, 19 August 2016 

A second Neurothemis intermedia male from August 19, 2016

A target species I had been looking for on all my trips, which had been recorded by Bui (2008). Apparently this rare species is a summer species on the island. I only saw a single female, Lyriothemis mortoni.

The fascinating Platylestes platystylus, also on the island of Phu Quoc., August 20, 2016

Immature male of Brachydiplax sobrina, August 20 

And nearby an immature female, much harder to find generally

Monstrous Epophthalmia vittigera, a wonderful male, caught on August 21, 2016

A lovely Ceriagrion calamineum, previously recorded from the island, but misidentified as C. aurantiacum in Bui (2008). Finally found on 21 August 2016.

Agrionoptera insignis male over a dark pool, August 19, 2016. The only specimen I saw on my three visits.

The List:

Lestes praemorsus* VIII
Platylestes platystylus* VIII
Vestalis gracilis I, IV, VIII, XII
Libellago hyalina I, IV, VIII, XII
Heliocypha biforata I, IV, VIII, XII
Euphaea cyanopogon**** I, IV, VIII, XII
Rhinagrion viridatum XII, VIII
Podolestes coomansi***** IV
Aciagrion borneense I, XII
Agriocnemis minima* IV, VIII, XII
A. nana* IV, VIII, XII
A. pygmaea I, VIII, XII
Amphicnemis valentini**** VIII
Archibasis viola I, IV, VIII, XII
Ceriagrion calamineum** VIII
C. cerinorubellum IV, VIII, XII
C. malaisei* VIII
C. olivaceum* I, IV, XII
Ischnura senegalensis I, IV, XII
Mortonagrion falcatum*** I
Onychargia atrocyana IV, VIII
Paracercion calamorum* IV, VIII
Pseudagrion australasiae* IV, VIII, XII
P. microcephalum I, IV, XII
P. rubriceps IV, XII
P. pruinosum I
P. williamsoni I, IV, VIII, XII
Coeliccia kazukoae** I, IV
Coeliccia yamasakii IV
Pseudocopera ciliata* IV, VIII, XII
Copera vittata** I, IV, VIII, XII
Prodasineura verticalis** I, IV, VIII, XII
Anax guttatus I, VIII, XII
Gynacantha basiguttata* I, VIII
G. bayadera* I
G. subinterrupta* I
Heliaeschna crassa*** IV
Ictinigomphus decoratus meleanops I, IV, VIII
Paragomphus capricornis* XII
Epophthalmia frontalis* I
E. vittigera* VIII
Acisoma panorpoides IV, VIII, XII
Agrionoptera insignis* VIII
Brachydiplax chalybea* IV, VIII, XII
B. sobrina* IV, VIII
Brachygonia oculata IV, VIII
Brachythemis contaminata I, VIII, XII
Cratilla lineata IV
Crocothemis servilia I
Diplacodes nebulosa I, IV, VIII, XII
D. trivialis I, IV, XII
Hydrobasileus croceus I, VIII
Indothemis limbata*** I, VIII
Lathrecista asiatica I, IV, VIII
Lyriothemis mortoni VIII
Nannophya pygmaea IV, VIII, XII
Neurothemis fluctuans I, IV, VIII, XII
N. tullia IV, XII
N. fulvia IV, VIII, XII
N. intermedia* IV, VIII, XII
Orchithemis pulcherrima IV, VIII
Orthetrum sabina I, IV, VIII, XII
O. pruinosum* XII
O. chrysis I, IV, VIII, XII
Pantala flavescens I, VIII, XII
Potamarcha congener I, IV, VIII, XII
Pseudothemis jorina** I
Rhodothemis rufa* IV, VIII, XII
Rhyothemis aterrima* IV
R. obsolescens IV, VIII
R. phyllis I, IV, VIII, XII
R. variegata I, IV, XII
R. triangularis IV, VIII
Tetrathemis irregularis IV, XII
Tholymis tillarga I, IV, VIII, XII
Tramea transmarina euryale* I, VIII, XII
Trithemis festiva IV, XII
T. aurora I, IV, VIII, XII
T. pallidinervis I, IV, VIII
Urothemis signata I, IV, VIII
Zygonyx iris I, VIII
Zyxomma petiolatum* IV, VIII, XII

*       Refers to species first recorded on the island, although some are very common
**     Coeliccia kazukoae had already been found by Floris Brekelmans, but is not rare. Prodasineura verticalis had been recorded as Prodasineura sp. Copera vittata had been misidentified previously (as C. marginipes), but is a very common species. Pseudothemis jorina had been recorded but misidentified (presumably) as P. zonata. Ceriagrion calamineum had been misidentified as C. aurantiacum.
***   Refers to species recorded for the first time for Vietnam (as far as I know)
****  Refers to a species novum, but misidentified in previous surveys.
*****Recorded by Flores Brekelmans, not by me, but published on this blog

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