Sunday, 1 December 2013

Labrogomphus torvus - new for Vietnam

I created some confusion with a vague photo of a large Gomphid on the blog over the last few weeks, when posting on Huu Lien. Well, today the riddle was solved. When I arrived at the reservoir Sebastien was already standing by the water's edge holding a Gomphid that had landed on his net! We concluded, based on the long S9, that it should be Marcogomphus, but the appendages did not seem right to me. Later, Sebastien caught a female that was eating another dragonfly. And a second male flew by and landed high in a tree. Obviously, even on December 1, there were still Gomphids around. Back at home a quick check of the literature revealed that indeed it was not a Macrogomphus, but fantastic Labrogomphus torvus, well known from Southern China, Hainan, Taiwan. A huge beast, with long legs with terrible spines on them. And very distinctive appendages. So, I will change the Marcogomphus entry…

Labrogomphus torvus, male

Same male, wing venation

Appendages in dorsal view

Labrogomphus torvus, female

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