Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Prodasineura autumnalis

Out of three Prodasineura species mentioned in Do & Dang, there is one that even based on the scarce available material for Vietnam is widespread and this is the rather drab Prodasineura autumnalis. I have seen it all over the place, along better quality and lesser quality small streams in or near hills, at least when there is some wood along them. You see a lot of females too and often tandems. They hover readily above the water or hang from the tips of snags and leaves. The males are blackish all over, but the females have a nice stripy pajama. This may well be the last entry for this year. Coming weekend I have to work and thereafter I will be elsewhere for a while. But mind you, in February this blog will be filled with new entries with a vengeance.

Prodasineura autumnalis, male

Prodasineura autumnalis, female, far away shot. As is so often the case, no good photos of the more common species.

Prodasineura autumnalis, immature male

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