Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Onychargia atrocyana

This weekend I was on a mission in the Mekong Delta. And I know that I said I would be back next year, but when visiting the a Fish Breeding Center (with Pantala flavescens and plenty of Brachythemis contaminata), I plucked a small blackish damsel from a bush near the entrance. A few quick and dirty shots with the iPad, and I released it again. It is a species that undoubtedly is common on spring and early summer, even in the north, but that I had as yet failed to see: Onychargia atrocyana. So, even if the photos are terrible, I would like to share this with you! (Until next year I can replace these with better pics).

Onychargia atrocyana, male

And the same male ventrally

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