Monday, 2 December 2013

Paracercion melanotum - verified!

Today at Huu Lien was successful in that I was able to verify the presence of Paracercion melanotum, not malayanum. I could not catch any males, but luckily I found a female in the grass along the reservoir. Not only has it got the distinctive stripe pattern in the dorsum and along the humeral suture, it also has the distinctive square bite out of the posterior edge of the prothorax! Now, this species has been recorded by Asahina (as sexlineatum), but as this was in southern Vietnam, that makes you wonder about malayanum. Having studied malayanum op close in relation to this, it seems that that species surely belongs in Paracercion, but who am I… Anyway, this is a definite melanotum!

Paracercion melanotum, typical triple line on dorsum and along humeral suture and note that posterior edge!

Paracercion melanotum, female

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