Sunday, 1 December 2013

A typical first of December - not

This December 1 we spent in Huu Lien, where we ran into Sebastien, who had just, unknowingly, obtained the key to the gomphid mystery there. More on that later. It was as usual an interesting day. Smack in the middle of the forest I caught a Planaeschna female. For the time being I put it in the books as P. guentherpetersi, the species from Xuan Son. It was marginally smaller (a few mm) and the face was darker, where it was light brown and yellow in Xuan Son, it was dark brown here, but otherwise there are no easily detectable differences. See below:

Planaeschna guentherpetersi, female

And scanned

Face in frontal view

For comparison, the female from Xuan Son

And in hand, female from Xuan Son

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