Saturday, 30 November 2013

A visit to Van Long - look what the cat brought in

So, what did I see at Van Long? The most interesting record was of a female Mortonagrion aborense. Now I have seen this species at Van Long, at Cuc Phuong, in Huu Lien and in downtown Hanoi. Clearly it is in fact a common species in northern Vietnam that has been very much overlooked until Sebastien ran into it.

Mortonagrion aborense, female
I also took a pretty good shot of Pseudagrion australasiae, a male. There were not many around. I saw maybe 5-6 males over the day.

Pseudagrion australasiae, male. Note the short superior appendages, half the length of S10. Otherwise very similar to P. microcephalum.
And the last species that deserves a bit of attention was Ceriagrion auranticum. There were quite a few flying and this female did me the courtesy of staying put. Note the long abdomen, protruding further beyond the wingtip than in C. nipponicum.

Ceriagrion auranticum, female, with wings up to 1/3 of S6

For convenience, the female C. nipponicum of a few posts back:

Ceriagrion nipponicum, female
And of course that other Paracercion, P. calamorum. There were still several around, including some females.

Paracercion calamorum, male

Paracercion calamorum, female


  1. Keep up the fantastic work, Tom ... you are doing a wonderful job .... and making me very very jealous in the process! I wish I could dedicated the time that you do to this ... this ... er ... madness! haha

    PS I've linked your wonderful blog to my 'Favourites' if that is OK

    1. Hi Dennis, that is very much okay! Yours is already linked on mine!