Friday, 15 November 2013

Devadatta ducatrix

Another species not yet on the blog, until now, is a rather fat, or let's say robust, damsel of small shaded streams in low mountains, which I found both at Ba Vi and Tam Dao National Parks. It is probably widespread across northern Vietnam and quite a nice species, even if drab. It can be hard to spot, sitting close by the ground along trickles in the forest. I have so far only seen males and thanks to the darkness they prefer, not very good pictures of them. So be it, for the time being. I saw them in small numbers between May and August, but not after, even if I visited the habitat where they previously had been present.

Devadatta ducatrix, male at Ba Vi National Park

Another male, this one from Tam Dao

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  1. Hi Toan, interesting, it seems quite widespread, I also found it at Xuan Son NP.