Friday, 22 November 2013

Paracercion malayanum, more widespread?*

On Sunday 17 november we spotted a single male Paracercion malayanum* at a stream in Huu Lien National Park. This is interesting, as so far as I know this species is in Vietnam only known from Van Long Nature Reserve, several hundred kilometers away. It is very common there, but here as said we only observed one male. There were many Paracercion calamorum about, a species it also occurs side by side with at Van Long. Anyway, likely it has a wider range in Vietnam than thought until now. That in itself is not strange, clearly there is still much to discover. In fact, every weekend we run into new records, range extensions and new species.

* See also the later post on Paracercion, especially "Paracercion continued", as this post is outdated and the species at Huu Lien is not Paracercion malayanum, but P. melanotum

Paracercion malayanum, male*

The same male, in hand.

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