Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Huu Lien list, until now

After last weekend and this Saturday, an update on the list for Huu Lien National Park. Sebastien mentioned his sightings also on his blog. It is good to compare our sightings with the list published for visits in June by Cuong & Toan. There are some striking differences. Marked with * not on Cuong et al. My list for now is 50 species long, but we are just scratching the surface, that much is clear and it is late November, after all.

Atrocalopteryx atrocyana, *Atrocalopterix sp. n., Neurabasis chinensis, Vestalaria miao, Vestalis gracilis, Libellago lineata, Rhinocypha biforata, R. perforata, R. cf. drusilla group ("huai"), Euphaea masoni, Ischnura senegalensis, Agriocnemis femina, A. pygmaea, *Ceriagrion auranticum, *C. nipponicum, *Mortonagrion aborense, *Paracercion melanotum, *P. calamorum, *Pseudagrion microcephalum, *P. rubriceps, P. pruinosum, *Pseudagrion sp. n., Coeliccia sp. n., Copera ciliata, C. marginipes, C. vittata, Prodasineura autumnalis, *Anax guttatus, Gynacantha saltatrix, *G. subinterrupta, *Ictinogomphus pertinax, *Labrogomphus torvus, Paragomphus capricornis, Crocothemis servilia, Orthetrum sabina, O. pruinosum, O. glaucum, Pantala flavescens, Trithemis aurora, T. festiva, *T. pallidinervis, Brachythemis contaminata, Diplacodes trivialis, *Neurothemis fulvia, Onychothemis testacea, Palpopleura sexmaculata, *Potamarcha congener, *Rodothemis rufa, Rhyothemis variagata, *Tramea virginia, Zygonix iris.

That is a whopping 18 different species in my list. 

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