Friday, 22 November 2013

A few cool jewels from Huu Lien

We encountered 4 species of Jewel at Huu Lien, Heliocypha perforata, Rhinocypha biforata, aforementioned Rhinocypha cf. drusilla group and Libellago lineata. These are lovely damsels, brilliantly colored, and especially Libellago, tiny. All were very common in places, apart from the drusilla type, of which we saw only one. Here are a few impressions.

Beautiful Rhinocypha biforata, male
Rhinocypha biforata, female

Stunning Libellago lineata, male

An immature male Libellago lineata

And the female Libellago lineata

Heliocypha perforata, male

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