Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Calicnemia haksik*

*Post adjusted after identity of C. mortoni was re-established as C. haksik

The genus Calicnemia has quite a few representatives, at least 6 of which have been found in Vietnam and two even quite near to Hanoi, C. haksik and C. erythromelas. Many are exquisite, in colors of blue, red, black and yellow. I have only had the pleasure of encountering one species so far, at a few localities in Tam Dao National Park, where they were found on rocks dripping with water in relative shade. This is C. haksik, a species with relatively little red on the abdomen. I saw it on three different dates in August, but undoubtedly it also occurs in some other months.

Copula of Calicnemia haksik

Calicnemia haksik, male

Calicnemia haksik, female

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