Thursday, 14 November 2013

Palpopleura sexmaculata

In the business of tying up loose ends yet another actually really cool little bug, Palpopleura sexmaculata, a common dragonfly of inundated grassy areas. I first encountered it around Ba Vi, but since then in many locations. When they fly around, they are decidedly wasp-like, especially the females, and quite easily overlooked. Luckily they also spend a lot of time perched at the tips of twigs and bushes, but even then their small size and strange dimensions make them relatively hard to spot, until you know them and then you see them everywhere, so to speak.

Palpopleura sexmaculata, female, at the tip of a twig, but not as conspicuous as you might think

And another, taken with flash

And yet another female

And this cool dude is Palpopleura sexmaculata, male

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