Saturday, 23 November 2013

Gynacantha subinterrupta and G. japonica

Saturday 23 November was a misty and cloudy cool day, but evens, we headed to Huu Lien for another eventful day. Saw some good birds too, but this is about dragons. In the late afternoon we saw several light brownish colored Gynacanthas flying about in very erratic fashion. Because of the checkered appearance of the abdomen G. subinterrupta? And yes, eventually I was able to net both an immature male and immature female. Compare them to the fully mature male from Ba Be in July and the difference in coloration is very obvious. The checkered appearance of the abdomen remains striking. There were also a few Gynacanthas with more direct and straight flight paths towards dusk. I could catch one, indeed, female G. japonica. Here are the photos.

Gynacantha japonica, female

Gynacantha subinterrupta, immature male

Gynacantha subinterrupta, immature female

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