Saturday, 23 November 2013

Additional Ceriagrion and Paracercion photos*

*Adjusted after publication of Paracercion ambiguum

With another visit to Huu Lien, I had to try to get additional pictures of both Ceriagrion nipponicum and the possible new Paracercion species. Both were around at the reservoir. I could collect two more males Paracercion and C. nipponicum posed well enough. It was fun watching them battle with C. auranticum, showing the striking color difference.

Ceriagrion nipponicum, male

Another male, equally vivid
Let's throw in Ceriagrion auranticum for comparison, a male
And Ceriagrion nipponicum female, note the relative short abdomen (wings reaching 3/4 of S6)

The enigma Paracercion, all characteristics proved consistent

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