Monday, 11 November 2013

Macromidia rapida

In Cuong's checklist on the dragonflies of Vietnam one Macromidia species is mentioned, M. rapida. It is not the only species occurring in Vietnam, as proven by Sebastien Delonglee, who also recorded M. genialis shanensis (see his blog for more information). It maybe is not uncommon, just hard to find. I saw it in the foothills at Tam Dao National Park, where three males were battling it out for some reason known to them in a dark corner of a rocky stream, near a tiny sandy beach, mid August. The next day I also saw two females ovipositing in small feeder streams of the rocky stream. I am sorry that the photos did not turn out like I hoped, but for the time being, this is what we have to make do with. The appendages of the male or whitish apart from the tips and bases, different from M. genialis, which has them all black.
Macromidia rapida, male

Macromidia rapida, female

Tip of abdomen of female

Dorsal view of appendages of male

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