Monday, 11 November 2013

A few more Rhinagrion hainanense

October 26 we paid another visit to Xuan Son NP, with amongst others the objective to see more Rhinagrion hainanense and try to take pictures of it displaying. After all, that is one of the more fascinating sights in nature I have observed in a long time. But it proved to difficult, with only one male and one female about and the male nimbly buzzing around. So, I could only take picture of it tail-lifting in display when perched. Also, the female, ovipositing in wet mud. From the large and robust ovipositor one might think that it serves to penetrate wood, but no. With thanks to Sebastien for pointing it out by the water's edge.

Rhinagrion hainanense, male, exquisite!

Raising its abdomen in display

Female Rhinagrion hainanense, pretty!

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