Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lyriothemis bivittata

Another species I still have to publish here is Lyriothemis bivittata. This is a very interesting dragonfly, because apparently it breeds in tree holes and also because although it has a wide distribution, it is said not to be recorded very often. It is known from Vietnam, but here also said to be uncommon. In fact, I have seen it in these few months here in Cuc Phuong, in Ba Be, in Ba Vi and in Tam Dao, so it really is not that rare, just never common. You see one here, one there, never several. And up to now I have just taken shabby pictures. I have seen it from May to August, but not after August 18. Next year I promise to take better pics. This is a striking libellulid, with bright orange-red abdomen and two big yellow spots on the side of the thorax. That goes for both males and females. Below are females.

Lyriothemis bivittata, female

Another female

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  1. what a stunner! Just discovered your blog and cannot wait to have time to read through it at leisure. Some questions. What equipment are you using for your appendage photos and are you scanning specimens in the field or at home? Have you tried using a USB microscope in the field? my email is phil.benst01[at] cheers phil