Tuesday, 6 May 2014

4 species of Calicnemia*

*Adjusted after C. mortoni was re-identified as C. haksik.

Asahina (1997) mentions 4 species of Calicnemia for Vietnam, C. miles, C. uenoi, C. erythromelas and C. eximia. A fifth species (C. mortoni, although this record likely refers to C. haksik, which had not yet been described at the time) was recorded at Tam Dao in 1975 (Pritykina in Do & Dang, 2007). On top of this, Sebastien Delonglee in May 2013 found another species at Ba Vi that looked very much like C. soccifera. He did not collect it and could not get shots of the penile organ to be absolutely certain. But be that as it may, at least 6 species of Calicnemia occur in Northern Vietnam.

On April 30 we followed the QL32 into Yen Bai Province in search of good weather. There was a promise of clear skies in the west. It all ended in mist, but first we had some good spells just west of Nam Bung. There on the rocks along the road where small streams run down we found many Calicnemia. A few C. miles, large numbers of C. eximia and quite a few C. soccifera. Indeed identical to the shots on Sebastien's blog, but we also got shots of the penile organ to ascertain the identity. Interestingly, this species was described as recent as 2013.

On May 2 at Tam Dao we also found, in rainy weather, several C. haksik. I am happy to introduce all 4 species here, although C. miles and C. haksik were already featured before.

Calicnemia eximia, male

C. eximia, female

Another C. eximia male

Beautiful Calicnemia miles, a male

Copula of Calicnemia haksik

Calicnemia haksik, a male
Calicnemia soccifera, male, not at all rare in Vietnam, apparently

The female of Calicnemia soccifera

An immature male, thorax stripes still yellow

The typical penile organ of C. soccifera

And the distinctive appendages, with double tooth on the venter of the superior appendage

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